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GoldStar Music & Management has an exquisite eye to find iconic talents. As it happened with DIEM BB, an innate artist discovered by the team of the legendary discographic label, who contacted Diem BB when the artist performed in a Freestyle Mania edition. Diem BB or Robert Abner Rodríguez Cruz (his real name) was born in Fajardo. Growing up, he lived an unusual childhood because his mother was constantly moving from house to house. He moved to Connecticut with his mother and brothers. To sustain and contribute by “bringing the bread to the house”, the artist left his studies to do housekeeping in hotels. The artist was happy to do so, for he remembers with nostalgia being taught as a child to always make a good impression, to be respectful to become a good man.


Diem BB has struggled to overcome the needs of life. Moving constantly, working from an early age to help his family and admiring the discipline of artists like Daddy Yankee. It was at the age of 13 that he discovered his talent for writing.


As if the words came on their own, he began to write about everything. He wrote about events he experienced, his feelings, when he felt trapped and began to be inspired in various rhythms. Today, the artist composes the most of his songs. Love is his biggest inspiration and he feels has the ability to turn everything that happens to him into a song.






His father was a singer in the early years of the genre, although he was not a well-known artist, Diem BB inherited that talent. The first song he composed when he was younger was: “Te deseo el mal amor”; one in which he speaks precisely about a heartbreak.


At this moment in his career, the artist is about to release his first track, “Sata”, alongside GoldStar Music. The song was produced by Freddie Omar Lugo Rodríguez, known in the genre industry as “Yo Fred”, whom the artist describes as one of the best with whom he has ever worked; and whom he had an immediate chemistry during production. Together they have already worked several themes, creating a perfect balance, with rhythms of reggaeton, trap and their real stories embodied in songs. Most importantly, with the distinctive sound of Diem BB.


Diem BB wants to conquer the world with his music, let people feel identified with lyrics and leave his mark on the latin urban genre. The artist, exclusive to GoldStar Music, also has a YouTube channel and other social networks, where his fans can subscribe to follow him and keep up with everything that is going on with him and his music. 

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